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Notification of Death:

At Transamerica we are committed to serving you-our customer.

These screens provide secured site access for submission of notification of death.

Upon receipt of notification a Transamerica representative will contact you to verify information and start the claim process.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance our Customer Service team is happy to assist you; they may be contacted at 1-888-763-7474.

Thank you for allowing Transamerica to serve you and your family.

* Please note that acceptance of a report of death on this site does not imply existence of a benefit or covered loss.

Invalid or blank life policy number and/or Ssn, insufficient information to process your request. Please contact our Customer Service Professionals at 888-763-7474.

Please correct the following errors:

Step 1: Policy Information

Note: A valid policy number or social security number is required to complete this form.

* Deceased's First Name:  
Deceased's Middle Name:  
* Deceased's Last Name:  
* Date of Birth:
Policy Number:  
Name of policy holder if different from Deceased:
Deceased relationship to policy holder:
Additional Policies:  

Step 2: How may we contact you?

* Reported By First Name:  
Reported By Middle Name:
* Reported By Last Name:  
* Relationship to Deceased:  
* Address 1:  
Address 2:  
* State:
* Zip:  
* Phone:  
* May we send forms and requirement requests via email?: Yes No

Step 3: Beneficiary Information

  Beneficiary Information is the same as Contact Information provided in step 2.
Beneficiary First Name:
Beneficiary Middle Name:
Beneficiary Last Name:
Beneficiary SSN:
Relationship to Deceased:
Address 1:
Address 2:

Step 4: Claim Information

* Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
* Did death occur within the USA?: 
If outside the USA, what Country?:
* Accidental: Yes No Unknown
* Funeral Home Assignment: Yes No Unknown
* Send Forms to: Beneficiary Person Reporting Death Other